Brush up on your knowledge of Yoga Philosophy & Anatomy

with Mokshapriya Shakti and Janine Ambroze.


*Philosophy class during Teacher Training is open to all who want to learn about Yoga Philosophy or refresh their knowledge. Saturday’s 12pm-1pm or 2pm-4pm, $10 per hour. 


*Anatomy class is open to Yoga Teachers only; Saturday’s 4pm-6pm and Sunday’s 2pm-4pm, $20 per hour.


February: 16,17. March: 2,3,16,17,30,31. 

April: 13,14,27,28. May: 11,25,26. June: 1,2,8,9.

-Continuing education credits given upon request-







Are you in love with Yoga? Have you considered teaching?

Are you called to help humanity? 



Our comprehensive program provides the foundation for personal,

physical & spiritual growth. 


Professional teachers with combined 70 years of teaching experience: 

Guzin Sunaz, E-RYT 500. Janine Ambroze, RN, BSN, E-RYT 500, RPYT, Polestar Certified Practitioner, PMA. Ma Mokshapriya Shakti, Ph.D. ERYT

No matter what style of Yoga you wish to teach, this training will prepare you. 

Be of service to others through education, empowerment and personal growth.

Learn the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga

Age and ability are no barrier. This training is for all. 



In the 200HR course you will learn:

    •    Anatomy & Physiology:Anatomical and kinesthetic analysis of Yoga Poses   

    •    Asana & Pranayama: Yoga poses with focus on alignment & breathing techniques

    •    Meditation: the key element of Yoga

    •    Teaching Methods: how to conduct a class 

    •    Yoga Philosophy: apply the teachings of ancient texts to your daily life

    •    Modifications & Adjustments: how to help everyone in a pose

    •    The business of Yoga: how to promote yourself




February through June 2019

Your Teaching Journey Begins with Us

Northport Yoga Teacher Training

(Yoga Alliance Approved TT)




You don’t have to become a teacher to take this training.

Impact your current Yoga practice and direct it towards new heights. Discover how this training can help you take charge of your life and become empowered to live life fully.




Our Teachers:

Guzin Sunaz 

Guzin has been practicing Yoga since 2002. Her love to Yoga Asana brought her to the Yoga Teachers Training Institute. She completed her 200-hour and then her 500-hour training under Marianne Mitsinikos and Mokshapriya Shakti. Since 2008 Guzin has been the owner of Northport Yoga & Wellness and in addition to being a Yoga teacher she also is a practicing Usui Reiki Master. Guzin’s love for Restorative Yoga is influenced by Judith Hanson Lasater. She took several workshop and training programs with Judith and completed her studies by becoming a Relax and Renew Advanced Trainer.


What Guzin says about the training:

 Teach to cultivate a vibrant body, sharp mind, and soft heart!


I took Teacher Training in 2006 and never thought about becoming a teacher. Little did I know that the teachings of Yoga would open up a gateway towards self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-transformation. Finally, I was given a wonderful tool that not just helped me on a physical level achieve great heights but on a spiritual level arrive at home. 


I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation that has changed my life forever. I was given practical advice on how to become the best version of myself, how to become the person I always wanted to be. Through Yoga Teacher training I gained insights into myself I never could have imagined.


Today I want to share this incredible gift with you and it starts with Yoga asana. My teachers used to say: “How we do our yoga poses is how we do our life”.

Let’s get to work!

Join me and fall in love with Hatha Yoga. You will learn how to align your body in poses; build physical and mental stamina through poses. You will receive detailed instructions on how to build a pose and sequence a class safely so that your students love it. Learn how to detect misalignment in poses and how to correct them. You will be able to read your students level of discomfort in a pose and how to help them. Detailed instructions on prop use and modifications will be taught. You will practice poses until they become organic to you.

As a studio owner I have been in the yoga business for almost a decade. You will learn how to become a professional in the world of Yoga; apply the ethics of Yoga to your daily life and business; and how to promote yourself or your studio.




Janine Ambroze


Janine Ambroze is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science and an Associate Degree in Surgical Technology. Janine is a PMA Certified Polestar Practitioner.

Janine has completed advanced trainings as an ERYT-500, and RPYT (prenatal yoga) from Yoga Alliance.  Janine trained under Judith Lasater PHD, PT in Relax and Renew Levels I and II (restorative yoga). Additionally, Janine is a certified Reiki Master.


Her introduction to yoga began under the direction of Elena Kondratieva in 2001. Her training continued at the Yoga Teacher Training Institue under the supervision of Mokshapriya Shakti. 

Janine served as the the Director of Anatomy and Physiological Studies at the Yoga Teacher Training Institute (YTTI) for the 500 hour teacher training and 200 hour teacher training until its closure in 2017. 

Her prenatal class was featured on a Long Island News 12 segment.


Janine synthesizes her education to devise unique programs for each client/students using multifocal healing modalities. This holistic culmination of solutions promotes the facilitation of effective, efficient, and healthy movement. This approach is an important measure in maintaining wellness, restoring optimal function, and/ or preventing potential injury.  


Janine emphasizes the union of mind, body, and spirit to encourage good health. Janine supports others by creating a safe and well-rounded experience. It is in this balanced state that one can attain wholeness and well-being.


What Janine says about the training:


The union of mind, body and spirit are at the basis of all yoga practices. Understanding the dynamic relationship of this trinity allows the practitioner the opportunity to experience what power it holds. Each part interconnects to form a whole state of being. 


In studying the body, we afford ourselves a viewing lens of the physical properties. This matrix is in itself is living sacred geometry. We will study various systems of the body and the interplay of each, which supports and enhances overall health and wellness. Understanding the body, in all planes of motion, allows insight of effective, efficient kinesthetic movement. Additional studies will include benefits and contraindications, building/layering of asana when creating and cultivating a class and its energetic properties. I invite you to journey both internally and externally on this road of self-discovery.


You will come away from these studies with the knowledge and appreciation of how special YOU truly are, and what you can cultivate in your classes when teaching yoga. We say Namaste in class, we bow to the light within, celebrate with understanding of this light from the physical perspective.



Mokshapriya Shakti Ph.D.ERYT


Mokhapriya is an Ordained Minister and certified Yoga instructor with over 30 years Yoga experience, both teaching and personal practice. She prepares and gives Yoga retreats, workshops and classes. In 1992, Mokshapriya was ordained “Ma Mokshapriya Shakti Saraswati” by Maha Mandeleshwar Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati  her guru the world-renowned expert and author of many authentic books on Yoga and philosophy; at the Ujjain Kumbha Mela in India.


She set aside a long professional career in the printing business to dedicate more time to community service and the propagation of Yoga.  Mokshapriya received her Education by researching and writing a “Comprehensive Eclectic Yoga Program: A Strategy for Self-Improvement” Curriculum for College.

Mokshapriya and Marianne Mitsinikos founded the Yoga Teachers Training Institute and (YTTI) has trained over 300 teachers in the New York area.


What Mokshapriya says about the training:


Mokshapriya will be teaching you philosophy, meditation and kriya yoga. You will study how our mind works through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, to give you tools for your daily lives.  Mokshapriya emphasizes self-empowerment and she inspires people to make big changes with her down-to-earth interpretation of complex philosophy. Kriya yoga involves shat karmas (purification techniques), mudras (yogic seals) and bandhas (yogic locks). Her very direct, approachable, and loving nature help her students to understand the teachings with ease and grace.



Requirements and fees:

Previous serious yoga study of minimum of one year prior to training is required.


Teacher Training students will receive free Yoga classes for the duration of the program.


Early bird registration:

$2600 (includes $300 registration fee) if paid in full by 01/02/2019. 


Full training fee: 

$3000 (includes $300 registration fee) applies after 01/02/2019. 

Payment plan: $300 to register in advance, then $900 initial fee due first day of training (02/02/19); than two payments of $900 at a later determined date.


Registration fee of $300 is requested from all to reserve your spot. 

Additional costs for books apply. 


Please email to receive the registration form or call

Guzin at 516.996.3399.


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