Wellness Practitioners:

Dr. Maria Zangara

Her practices results-focused holistic and preventive medicine,

and her life's calling is to accompany others on their own unique journey of change. Dr. Zangara treats patients, not diseases,

and will be with you as coach, guide and mentor on every

step of your healing journey.

Education and Experience:

Dr. Maria Zangara has a Doctorate in Naturopathic and a

license in Acupuncture in both New York and Connecticut.

She commands a vast 'tool box' of integrative methods both ancient and modern in assisting her patients and clients on

their path towards healing. Dr. Zangara has extensive training

in using cutting edge personalized clinical nutritional

technolgy to analyze wich diet is rigth for you.

She is an expert in using nutrigenomic technology to

recommend specific foods and supplements that can optimize

your genetic potential and address chronic disease issues.

Dr. Zangara compliments powerful modern tools with

traditional methods, such as Acupuncture, Chinese Gua Sha cupping, herbal medicine, homeopathy, a personalized

detox program, facial rejuvenation and anti-aging

protocols based on acupuncture, mind-body

techniques for stress reduction. Dr. Zangara has worked with patients with a host of chronic disease issues, including, complementary care for woman's issues, including fertility and menopause.


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